Full Gospel Lighthouse

  Where The People Make The Difference

Founders of the Full Gospel Lighthouse

Rev. Emerson Graham

Pastor Albert Emerson Graham was born and raised in Barrie, Ontario.  He met his sweetheart; Enid Margaret Knapp when they were teenagers.  They were married for over sixty years before he passed away in January 1998. 

During his 40 years of ministry, he served at the correctional centre in Barrie for over 40 years counselling the inmates.  He was one of the founders of the Pentecostal movements in the early 40's  as well the pastor of the Full Gospel Lighthouse.  On May 18, 1994, Rev. Graham received the Community Service Award for his outstanding service.

Sister Enid Graham

Sister Enid Margaret Graham was an accomplished pianist, song writer and singer.  She wrote a few songs that never got published such as: The Latter Rain; Wasted Years; Jesus Heals Today and Counting Blessings.  She sent one of her pieces; Wasted Years, to Jimmy Swaggart who even today sings her song on T.V.  She was never able to read music but played everything by ear, she had a real gift from God.  She could hear any song and play it.  Her musical talented included piano, organ and accordion.

She worked along side of her husband, Rev. Emerson Graham during their time at the Full Gospel Lighthouse.  In her younger years, she ran a store on Penetang St., as her own business.  After Pastor Graham passed in 1998, she and Pastor Arnold continued in the work of the Lord at the Full  Gospel Lighthouse.