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Should Christians Drink Alcohol

Posted on 10 January, 2016 at 20:15 Comments comments (2)

This topic is discussed alot amounst the christian community.  Some christians believe its ok to drink a bit of wine with a meal, others think that Jesus drank so it's ok for them.  I would like someone to show me where it says in the bible that Jesus actually took a drink of alcohol.  Then, there are others like ouselves, who fully believe that christians should not be drinking alcohol at all.  This article is a very good read and I hope you read it with an open mind and understanding.  Let me know your thoughts after you read this.




Weller Roma Bible

Posted on 19 April, 2015 at 16:10 Comments comments (1)

We received a newsletter from MREE:

The long awaited Roma New Testement has finally be printed and ready to distribute.  For the first time in history, the Gypsy people have a bible in their own language.

Rev. James Weller had served as a Missionary Evangelist to Russia and Eastern Europe for 30 years.  He and his wife Ollie have had a major impact on the lives of countless people.  Their mission (MREE) financed the translation and printing of the Roma New Testement.  The editorial/translation committee decided to pay tribute to them by naming the first Roma Bible:  :)The Weller Roma Bible:)

The Full Gospel Lighthouse has had a part in the financing of these bibles.  It is our missionary work in the church that we are very compassionate about.  With the small group that we have, we have been amazed how God has provided to help with the bible translation in these countries.  We have a bible box at the back of the church.  It is used for those want to give to the ministry and is counted once a year when Rev. Weller comes to update us.

We want to congratulate them in their ministry work with MREE.

If you are interested in donating to this wonderful ministry please go to our missions page to find out how you can donate.